Bayonets of JapanBayonets of JapanBayonets of JapanBayonets of JapanBayonets of JapanBayonets of JapanBayonets of Japan

by Raymond C. LaBar

Japanese militaria collectors and bayonet enthusiasts have long awaited an updated, comprehensive reference work on Japanese bayonets. Well, the wait is over. Bayonets Of Japan is intended to enlighten the reader with a comprehensive educational and pictorial reference for the many variations of Japanese bayonets. This book is a collective effort by Raymond LaBar and other collectors to put into print the information available today and to introduce many new, never before documented Japanese bayonets. Raymond's 25 years of collecting and researching Japanese bayonets are compiled in this 480-page hard cover book containing over 1100 color photos. It has a study library-style (side-sewn) binding. People who have purchased the book have been very complimentary of it. Here are a few of their responses: “An unbeatable reference for anyone into Japanese collecting.” ... “Awesome! A work of art, period!” ... “Very impressive and extremely user-friendly.” ... “You have put an easy to use and complete guide to Japanese bayonets into the hands of the common collector.” ... “An excellent addition to your library.”
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